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to a kindhearted man!
Blessing to you sphilr for my subscription and the humanity you have shown me through my work. I thought a while on updating my subscription as the deviations and messages are piling up....but I am  such a cheap skate! I must pay this forward someday soon!

Thank you so much man!  hugs,hugs hugs!
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  Today I got my issue of Dollcrafter & costuming magazine with a two features one on artist made BJD's and another on customizing BJD's ,written by the incredible numinous artist Pat Lillich! Adore you PatL! hugs

So many cool BJD's and a gorgeous shot of Briar in a Kimono! Im very honored to be featured with so many other inspiring and inovative artists!  Im so excited to read about the enchantment doll project and the  next International Association for BJD Artists. I hope some day I can make it there!

Oh BTW..shameful plug. Luna is on ebay now.
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I want to make busts on ocasion of a slightly larger size than my figures .Perhaps a 4-5 inch head.

One reason I havent started is that I need some sort of classy way to stand the bust up. Id like a classic bust stand or pedastle,but I dont know where to look or how best to make such a thing with clean lines.  Any tips for that? Like a suplier, a widget that would serve as one or a way to make my own?
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I want to thank everyone for watches and faves and including me in features! I appreciate all of you.  Im sorry if I havent thanked personally or belated theres too much so, I pick at random.

I just finished my octonaga peice. Feel eh not quite fully satisfied,but glad shes done. I tried a new armature method, that is not ideal. Back to the drawing board. Im looking for the holy grail of armatures!

Im already working on another sculpt .I put three hours in yesterday till my back was cramping,but proud of how its looking. Boy, I need a nap just now.
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Im working on the first peice for the year another fantasy lady sculpt  but, this time a fantasy portrait. I hope I can get a resemblance. I am using  the lovely Odessa Sawyer of Odessa11stock as my muse.(with permission) Ill post pictures once I get something decent to look at.
  Im debating whether to go pregnant or not.  prego fairy maybe a bit done,but I was thinking of those finger sheaths and a bit of something extra to it too. my usual wierdness.
This is the hard part where you really settle on one thing not the million of ideas that want to pop in. I thought it would be really fun to focus on the blue veins under the skin of a porcelain pale complextion.  I really want to push for more movement ,more expression this year.  Away from so many vunerable ,pouty ladies.. at least I have to make one that is angry and cast iron or one that is happy as a stretch!

I also hope I can do more dressing. Gonna take a stab at it from time to time. Painted leather seemed to realy work out. No raveling and it realy works I think to paint your own cloth for a painterly sketchy look.
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I showed up today with 880 messages.
That feels pretty good but, dont really want to answer all that right now. I still have to read through but cant spend all day y'all.

Quick referance to let you  wanted to know what materials I use.

Sculpted with Polymer clay: brands Premo  or Kato.

Painted with: genesis heat set oils, pastels and ink.

hair. Mohair

Eyes: some are painted. paperweight style.. made by me (trade secret)
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My latest peice is taking agonizingly long to get through. I dont know if wips are liked here..maybe destined for scraps ,but I coudlnt find how to put a picture in the scaps section. Anyway gonna post some wips of ladyblue.
I am not sure where this peice is going and it uncomfortable working on something wondering what your doing. Usualy it works out after a while ,but Im getting fidgety about it.
Looks like her hands will be clasped in front of her and though on her knees she looks leaning back too far to really hold such a pose. It might be better if she was sitting on her shins.
As I was working I thought her legs looked elongated. Even more so in the shots I took because of  the focal distortion. I got to thinking shes not human below the knee, possibly a naga or some sort of animal morph Any sugestions?
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Well I had the perfect thankgiving day.  Everyone for a change in a good mood and all the food got cooked with no disasters. I got a vase of roses even.
I was worried that I wouldnt be in the spirit. The 19th my dear fur baby passed and I havent been feeling very balanced since.

She had the most beautiful storys end. Firstly I couldnt feel more relieved that she wasnt  in pain and that she very gently slipped away. We took the body to my parents mountain property. There was a bit of fog, the oak trees were contrasted so gorgeously with their grey bark and golden yellow leaves in slanting morning sun. It was so quiet and barely a breeze. It seemed certain purposeful puffs of wind would hit the trees making just a handful or so of leaves sprinkle down occasionally. It was magical. That helped truely and Im very grateful for it.

Getting back to today.   I helped my mom make homeade tatoe salad. No one tops moms potatoe salad! *scarfs*We also had meatloaf and cranberries! For the last few years we have been makin meal sugestions to keep mom from using the dreaded sage again.My mom loves to use the whole fresh sage leafs..alot!  I mean bite into stuffing taste green !Mom doesnt realize this is gross.>_<  no one wants to tell her can be agressive. I am the only one who ever ever stands up to her. Today she was sweet as could be.

Anyway thinking about the left over potatoe salad I get to relish tomorrow. Simple pleasures  huh
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I found out today my favorite clay Premo base has been discontinued by clayfactory! I made "Leacoutha"  entirely of premo base ,cut  right off the block  like hard cheddar. I was dreamily looking forward to using it again because it has such a wonderful  natural beeswax look and  it always had a great texture..not sticky and soft as most translucent  polymers. It was a great clay to extend other clays with, made them hold their own and not sag or attract lint and I hardly ever had moonies with it.
I had noticed something had changed,but didnt heed the early warning signs.. each time I bought a block it wasnt as fresh .. it was crumbly and hard and now I see why.. the sellers were pushing out that old stock!

Im now in the market for a brand new clay ,but then I got another juicy bit of information. Two chemicals in the plasitsizers of polymer clay have been banned in California. Now all the clays will be reformulated! I wonder if I buy a new clay and fall in love will it suddely change too? I have my eye set on puppen fimo ,but clays being formulated have in the past been sold before all the kinks are out.
Im not sure if I should open my heart again!

But anyway I am buying a new convection oven as soon as some money gets in my tapped out credit card. I pray to the muses this means no more moonies or overcooked clay. Thats going to be my  christmas present to myself!
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Im having a good day so, I thought Id capture it while it lasts. Sugarplums auction is doing well and I have  the cutest little dark elf almost done. Im calling her Tumbalina because shes base over apex.I dont really want to part with her!

Another peice is a blue eyed lady head at this point.. Im not sure what to do for her so Ill finish up  on other stuff till I think of something inspiring. Somehow she looks reserved. Id really love a wicked headress for her.
A few days ago I got the most beautious silks from Delectable  mountain (quilt sampler). They have a wesite if your into that kinda thing. Im looking forward to using it ,but I hope can do it some justice. I dont want to touch it till I know what Im doing!
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