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November 10, 2007


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I found out today my favorite clay Premo base has been discontinued by clayfactory! I made "Leacoutha"  entirely of premo base ,cut  right off the block  like hard cheddar. I was dreamily looking forward to using it again because it has such a wonderful  natural beeswax look and  it always had a great texture..not sticky and soft as most translucent  polymers. It was a great clay to extend other clays with, made them hold their own and not sag or attract lint and I hardly ever had moonies with it.
I had noticed something had changed,but didnt heed the early warning signs.. each time I bought a block it wasnt as fresh .. it was crumbly and hard and now I see why.. the sellers were pushing out that old stock!

Im now in the market for a brand new clay ,but then I got another juicy bit of information. Two chemicals in the plasitsizers of polymer clay have been banned in California. Now all the clays will be reformulated! I wonder if I buy a new clay and fall in love will it suddely change too? I have my eye set on puppen fimo ,but clays being formulated have in the past been sold before all the kinks are out.
Im not sure if I should open my heart again!

But anyway I am buying a new convection oven as soon as some money gets in my tapped out credit card. I pray to the muses this means no more moonies or overcooked clay. Thats going to be my  christmas present to myself!
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livingindarkness Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2008
If you like firmer clay then you would like puppenfimo. It is a very translucent clay so you have to add some fimo classic to it to avoid moonies, I add white and #43 flesh. I never get moonies with prosculpt but it is very soft and lint attracting, plus, fingers can break off very easy after baking. Living doll and prosculpt are the same clay just different packaging, they are made from the same people that make sculpey, proform. Some people have very good luck with prosculpt but I have had too many cracks and breaks in order to sell with confidence.

By the way, you make the most amazing sculptures and you inspire me a great deal. Do you still make the ball joint dolls, the one you made was beautiful. :)
Sleetwealth Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
I just got some puppen fimo. I havent had a chance to really work with it much yet. Yup Ive tried prosculpt.
A real shame its not stronger. After leaching its firmer,but I guess its softness is part of the reason its so easy to smooth. Iys ok for bigger work ,work that doesnt have tiny appendages.
I havent tried living doll yet ,but are you sure their the same? because I had heard living doll was reformulated and Prosculpt hasnt yet.

Thank you;) Yes I still make ball jointed dolls. I have several casts of Briar. One I am fighing to paint to my liking. Resin a pita to paint! eventauly Id like to try another bjd 22" size .
livingindarkness Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2008
I don't know if they have reformulated prosculpt yet. I have heard people complaining that it has changed. I actually have some that I have had for over a year and it is crumbly but becomes very workable if you condition it in a food processor. I also have to condition the puppenfimo in a food processor because it is very hard to work worth out of the package. I never saw the premo base you are talking about. I saw the sculpture you made with it and I loved the finish, it kind of looked like a whitish jade. On the package did they just call it premo base?

The reason I found out about prosculpt and living doll being from the same place is I emailed someone a long time ago to ask where to get living doll and they sent me to Jack Johnston's website. A while back there was a discussion about it on the art doll sculpting group on ebay. Another thing that I like better about puppenfimo is that it doesn't change color like the prosculpt does. Every time I back prosculpt it gets darker especially if you leave it in a long time.

Your ball joint doll is beautiful. I bet a lot of people would like to purchase one from you. I know the supplies are expensive to make them, that is why I haven't successfully finished one. I want to try and make one in porcelain before I invest in materials for a resin doll. I wish it was as cheap to make in resin as it is in porcelain. I worry about air bubbles in the resin because I can't afford a vacuum chamber. :(
Sleetwealth Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
If it gets better then I might try it again. I remember someone saying Jacks product was made by Polyform,but Premo is also made by them and its has a diffenrt feel.
Yes the premo base called "base" it was a special color. Its translucent and unbleached so, it has a slight yellowish cast. Premo is good about color shifting.

I do want to sell my ball joints eventaully in very limited numbers. Yeah the suplies are expensive and goofs happpen. Each step takes alot of work.
Porcelain would be good at least in that it doesnt yellow ,but I dont know if youd have the same excitement for them.The resin is realy popular and it is flexible. You can cast in any color and even very translucent.
livingindarkness Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2008
Have you ever seen this girl's porcelain balljoint dolls, they are amazing, but I can't afford one:

Sleetwealth Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
Yes I have seen her website. Her work is gorgeous!
Yovanka Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2007
If you want to try it I would recommend this seller: [link] cause I know for a fact that she sells ONLY the new (improved) sculpey living doll clay :) !!!
Sleetwealth Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
Ah thank you very much! Yes Id like to try it.
Yovanka Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2007
My polymer clay of choice is sculpey living doll (beige) and that too was changed a few months back into a reeeeeeeeally soft clay that was a nightmare to work with (leaching didn't help either) and worst of all, any sculpt larger than 10'' would crack. It became VERY weak after baking!

Many scylpey living doll users filled a petition to the company and the result is a clay even better than the original!!! It is quite firm to hold detail yet not crumbly, very nice color (slightly lighter) and hardly any moonies (even though sculpey living doll was never prone to moonies).
Unfortunately sculpey living doll is available only in Europe so US citizens will find it quite costly..

Puppen fimo produces moonies quite often and the colors it is available in.. aren’t as realistic in my opinion (even though translucent). Also it doesn’t have a long shelf life like most polymer clays. In general I wasn’t really happy with it.

I enjoy seeing your work and I really hope that you will find the brand that will suit your needs best!!!!!!!
Sleetwealth Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you for the information on living doll. I have never tried this clay,but since its sculpy perhaps Premo will see the same new formula? Premo and Kato have been my favorite clays so far because I like a very firm clay.
Maybe I will order from the UK if someone is selling it. Even if its more expensive Ill have to use whatever clay is best since its my livelyhood.
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