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Im working on tutorial videos for a Patreon page. Its just beginning and the page is not public yet but, I thought I would see what people have interest in seeing and if you have any Patreon tips for those of you that have one. Id love to see your page (put the link below) and Ill follow you :)
The fantastic Nita Collins, AKA Sleetwealth, has been hit by cancer.
She is a great artist and kind person that definitely deserves our help!

As she says herself, she is a long time introvert with no kids/family and feels very scared and alone right now.
So lets help her through this!

You can help crowd-fund her fight against cancer here:</h2>

You can see her work here:

Elysia by Sleetwealth GF2 by Sleetwealth Kit by Sleetwealth

Contribute via Etsy:

Nita is also selling some of her sculptures at reduced prices via her Etsy shop!…


Contribute by entering a Giveaway:

There is also some other awesome artists that are donating their work to fund Nitas fight!

Yovanka Black is having an art-doll giveaway, you will be entered to the giveaway if you donate to Nitas gofundme.
Check out the Giveaway 


Contribute by purchasing artwork:

Russel Cameron is offering one of his sculptures to help fund Nita's upcoming expenses.

Check out the post 
Here's the link to his Facebook:…

Claus A Erichsen is selling a hand sculpted monster figure via an Ebay auction, where the money will go directly to the fund!
You will find the auction HERE!


Lets help her fight this!!

Please donate if you can, or/and spread the word! <3

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This person has borrowed an image of my piece "Alice"  which he used on facebook as his banner with his name plastered on it, and on his tumblr, twitter and website  without my permission. Hes  deleted all comments on this topic from his Facebook wall and blocked those people. Hes aware and is saying FU. Ive reported to Deviant art and to Facebook. lets see if anything is done. Amusingly I noticed my facebook post about him with a link to offending images was removed or reported probably by him.……

also I recognize  the work of  another doll artist who goes by Donna so dark so cute.…

I suggest you check it out and see if hes used any of your art.
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I just noticed that Ive been given a years subscription!!!What a nice surprise. Thank you Moonbeam13! :hugs:
So, just for that I thought Id plug you on my page :)
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Forgive me loves if I'm not answering questions ,thanking or visiting your fine gallery's. Its not because I cant stand you.. or am a snob..etc
I will be very very busy up till Christmas possibly longer! I will try to pop in at least to fave some things. Drop some eyecandy yadda yadda.

Changes taking place:)
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Scuttle gets a DD

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 19, 2010, 10:49 PM
I got a DD for a peice that is special to me.Scuttle my little studio mascot.Its sweet and warms my heart:) I wondered why all the faves. He was a very underfaved, undercommented peice not being too pretty or impressive.. so, I noticed the sudden surge. Thanks ((((big hugs))))

It was especialy nice cause Ive had a highstrung couple of days since my step father has passsed on suddenly. I thought Id mention when I was 13 he gave me his old oil paints to do whatever. And when I borrowed his pocket knife to carve with and broke the tip he wasnt mad.  I dont think he ever got why I painted fantasy crap ,but he hung my Boris study on the wall anyway.

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Twigling Briar casting

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 2, 2009, 6:19 PM
Heads up if youd like to make your own character using Briar as a blank canvas. Shes a chamelion girl too and can carry alot of diffenrt looks.

Twigling is casting her in custom colors.  read about her here.…

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what the hell is lowbrow?

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 4, 2009, 11:59 PM
Am I lowbrow because I sculpt fantasy?... what is lowbrow?.. do I want to be in that swamp ? Is it cool cause its looking eh.. uncool.  With cheeky theives  and snobs owning the playing feild.  Maybe I chose the wrong medium cause clay is work and hell I can vector trace real good!.. you wanna buy a print for 2k?

I can already hear an answer something to the tune of be whatever you want or  labels we dont need no stinkin labels!

Buuuut my teeth hurt from the lazy Mark Ryden hybrid , bigeye,saccharine, nubile goth, throw in a random skull,antlers or tentacle... hash that seems to mean insta fame right now. Is that all thats expected of me?

Since I already make ball jointed dolls  and figures of nudee fairy tale females I guess Im already there  and its only a small thing to push that much more,but the dying of the light screams nooooo! My stuborness wants to go the other direction.

I happen to be a doll sculptor nothing to take too seriously, nothing so deep there and my eternal love is for  nudes, fantasy, surrealism and dark art always have been and will be here when the territory is  trampled and unfresh and fad whores flit off to new ground. Ill be here mulching and tilling under hopeing something will grow in the depleated soil.

  Im feeling aprehension for the clique Im about to join this year cant you tell? Will it be ok?

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I was resiting facebook ,but hell heres yet another way to get a quick Sleet fix.Gom Gom…
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I thought Id come out official like and say  my sculptures are going to be in a group show here  th… fall.
I have to make  a few wall mounted peices and Ill be working on that so,may not be available for commissions past June,but I will continue putting things up on etsy.

Im excited about making some diffenrt peices,but I have to change directions midstride! At first I thought about shadow boxes,but no reason I cant hang a sculpture directly on a wall. Also thinking about parts for one peice. Does a dressed set of legs and a pelvis count as a doll? Cause I have saved a very old peice of mine that is a favorite and I snapped this doll in half to display her from the waist down. To me its very pretty just like that.

These sooo gotta not suck cause Jennybird Alcantara is going to have her figures in the show !:O Been luvin me some Jennybird !
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Hey I just started a blog! Take a peep and follow me if yer willin. Not much to look at right now,but This is where Ill add more WIP's and show my various projects.
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Usualy I dont bother with resolutions. it seems pretty useless to me ,but I think its great now for art goals.

Ive already set my goals for this year. Last two years I decided to do more of the type of "risky" in the unsaleable sence... work that was inside my head and I have!:D So glad about it too because before I fealt Id plateaued and wasnt growing anymore.
So, this year my goals are to further use referance to bring up the level of my work and to stretch a bit to experiment with assmemblage/ mixed media and my clay.

Been overwelmed with lots to do on gasoline fumes,but had to take a moment to give thanks to ((((((^Thebuild)))))) virtual hugs for the DD on my peice "Still she has no name" also for all the  awesome comments! This sculpt means alot to me so, her being chosen for a DD is great!
I was realy surpised that she was also cited for being  unlabeled mature subject matter!  Uh ok.. I dont get that. No nudity, violence or obscene material,but this affirms that I have a miracualous "gift" of disturbing some folks without really trying! My peice Violet was also ousted from Myspace for its innocent nudity. 14yr olds mustnt see blurry fairy doll nipples it can make them go off in a phycotic rage you see. heh heh
happy shiney new year to all- Nita
Present projects: After the holidays

On going:Avalon preistess and fox-Ida

Queen of night-Cindy delayed ?

OC Feb -Emma

Amulet wip- Personal side project 75%

On going for next year 22" bjd- Atlier Nouveau
Im excited! Atlier Nouveau is now taking preorders for Briar on thier website!!!!!

Please,check out her lovely pictures.
Im not much for  mushiness *gacks*,but thanks  to those of you who encouraged me and made her possible. ;)

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Woohoo! 40,000 hits. Never woulda thunk you guys would like my sculps so much!
Nothing special to commemorate except I have my new sculpt  "Lambsy" up.
I started an Etsy account where I will try to sell more affordable(under $100) small simple sculpts. My random studies,busts,unfinishes works or maybe a bead or two. Will have to see how well it goes.
Its not set up for selling yet,but Ill be sure to put links here when I have anything available.
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Aw you guys!*feels if head is growing*

I checked in late to see I got another DD!
Thanks y'all:D
Ill take this oportunity to do the traditional bulk apologetic thank you to all of you who watch,send wonderful encourageing comments and fave my work.

Im a horrible biotch for not thanking you all individualy..Here are tons of face covering sticky smooches.

Now so, this isnt just a boring post. I am making an ice throne these days. So fun! Messy and carefree working with layers of resin and glitter. Will post it very soon. So now that I know how to make ice... Ill absolutly have to make more ice theme stuff! Ive been busy you will see soon enough.
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to a kindhearted man!
Blessing to you sphilr for my subscription and the humanity you have shown me through my work. I thought a while on updating my subscription as the deviations and messages are piling up....but I am  such a cheap skate! I must pay this forward someday soon!

Thank you so much man!  hugs,hugs hugs!
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  Today I got my issue of Dollcrafter & costuming magazine with a two features one on artist made BJD's and another on customizing BJD's ,written by the incredible numinous artist Pat Lillich! Adore you PatL! hugs

So many cool BJD's and a gorgeous shot of Briar in a Kimono! Im very honored to be featured with so many other inspiring and inovative artists!  Im so excited to read about the enchantment doll project and the  next International Association for BJD Artists. I hope some day I can make it there!

Oh BTW..shameful plug. Luna is on ebay now.
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I want to make busts on ocasion of a slightly larger size than my figures .Perhaps a 4-5 inch head.

One reason I havent started is that I need some sort of classy way to stand the bust up. Id like a classic bust stand or pedastle,but I dont know where to look or how best to make such a thing with clean lines.  Any tips for that? Like a suplier, a widget that would serve as one or a way to make my own?
I want to thank everyone for watches and faves and including me in features! I appreciate all of you.  Im sorry if I havent thanked personally or belated theres too much so, I pick at random.

I just finished my octonaga peice. Feel eh not quite fully satisfied,but glad shes done. I tried a new armature method, that is not ideal. Back to the drawing board. Im looking for the holy grail of armatures!

Im already working on another sculpt .I put three hours in yesterday till my back was cramping,but proud of how its looking. Boy, I need a nap just now.